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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yes, we're alive and well

I am speechless as to the length of time that has passed since I last posted. Even my blog's background is no longer showing sad is that?

I am going to make this one short because I have got to give the babies, well toddlers by now, a bath and then pick up Lucas, yes he's in school now AND potty trained. Things have really gotten more busy in the Carney household but I will hopefully talk about that some other time. I even have tons of pictures to post (first haircuts, first swim in the pool etc.) but that, too, will come with time (not too much I hope).

So here are a few now pictures of our Quartet:

They are so grown up sitting at the table

Two pictures of Lucas in his school uniform. On the first picture he's holding a "Schultuete" which Oma and Opa from Germany gave him. This is something that the German kids get on their first day of school. The bag is filled with things like school supplies and candy.

And here are the three toddlers. They will of course always be my babies
no matter how old they are.

And one last thing: I have been keeping up to date with most of the blogs I follow but on a somewhat irregular basis. So don't think I have abandoned you just because I haven't been leaving a comment :-)

Lots of love


  1. YAY so glad to see you are back and can't wait to hear more about the kiddos.

  2. Hey!! Glad you are back!! I can't believe how big your babies are!!! They are toddlers!! How sad!!!
    Can't wait to see all your pics!