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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bites, Bugs and Sex Offender

I know, the title of this post is very strange but it will all make sense to you.

Let's start off with the bites part since in fact that's how our month of April started off with. We have been spending a lot of afternoons outdoors since the weather has been absolutely beautiful. That however has changed a few days ago since the temperature is now in the 90's and it's extremely humid. Needless to say, the summer has officially started.

Back to the bites.....we had this huge ant pile in the backyard and I made sure that none of the kids would get too close to it since those ant bites hurt like crazy, will leave you with a blister and will take weeks to heal completely. I was putting on Noah's shoe which he had taken off when I heard Julie screaming and you guessed it, she was in the ant pile. I ran, picked her up, took her sandals off and wiped those nasty things off her poor little feet. Thanks to rubbing alcohol and some lotion for insect bites she had heeled rather well but you can definitely still see the bites. I stopped counting at 15 on one of her was just too heartbreaking.

This picture was taken at the annual NICU reunion which took place at our local hospital. Notice Julie not wearing any shoes since both of her feet were still trying to heal from those bites.

Lucas and Daddy were not in the picture since they both stayed home which brings me to the bugs part of my post.

Daddy came down with a nasty stomach virus on the morning of the NICU reunion. About 36 hours later Noah caught it, then Tyler and then mommy. Somehow Lucas and Julie did not catch it and I can't even tell you how thankful I am for that. I won't go into details about this nasty virus but this was the worst stomach bug I have ever had. The hardest part was taking care of two sick and two healthy children while Daddy had to drag his sick self to work. The entire bug hung around our house for a whole week. I pray that we shall never see it again.

Now, last but not least, who doesn't want to receive notification in the mail that a convicted sex offender has moved into your neighborhood? I for sure didn't! I think it's already bad enough that he lives in our neighborhood but to top it off, he also lives within 1/2 mile of our elementary school. But what can you do? Move? Yes, one of these days......


  1. I got into a fire ant pile when i was little. I'm so sorry for little miss julie. it sucks. love the picture. glad y'all are feeling better. it's hard when you have little ones. I'm sure even harder for you!

  2. What a cutecute pic! I just LOVE it! Good to hear from you!
    And O NO on the s.o. notication....that is awful!