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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Time

Spring Time has finally arrived or at least I think so. It turned cold again Friday but it's supposed to get up into the 70's again this week so I assume that this was the last of our winter.

I try to take the kids out as much as possible since it's just been absolutely gorgeous and they all LOVE to be outdoors. Not only does it feel nice to be outside but there are also new things to be discovered such as grass, leaves, rocks etc. Some of it ends up in their mouth so mommy is constantly running from one kid to another pulling who knows what out of their mouths while Lucas is crying out for me so he can go high high high on the swing. People who pass by our house must think that I am running a daycare!

So here are a few pictures of one of our first outings.




Julie and Lucas


  1. oh how I've missed pictures of the cuties! They are all getting so big!

  2. OMG! They are getting soo big! They are ALL adorable! And I can see where little Julie would just MELT your heart! She's a little doll!