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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some Firsts

So many new and exciting things have happened within the past couple of months with the kids that I don't even know if I'll be able to list them all in one post. All I can say is that they grow up way too fast!

Here's Lucas on his first set of skates. Daddy had bought those and they are quite neat since they grow with you (size adjustable) and they come with three settings - from completely locked rollers to rollerskating all the way.

This is a picture of the babies first Thanksgiving. We packed up the entire family and went to Granny's and had some very delicious dinner - adults and babies enjoyed it alike. All of the kids were so worn out from playing all day that they went out cold in the living room as you can see. Lucas always sleeps with his thumb in his mouth and a hand down his pants by the way.

Tyler, Julie and Noah's first birthday! I don't know why they look so silly in the first picture but this was one of the better ones showing their homemade birthday cakes. We also got them each a balloon but unfortunately you can only see the weight thing holding them down..oh well. This picture and their little celebration was actually two days after their actual birthday.

This picture was taken on their actual birthday. Lucas was definitely in the birthday spirit since he got to help them unwrap their presents. Unfortunately their birthday was just a big mess.

A few days prior to their birthday Daddy's best friend of many years passed away. Kevin fought brain cancer for most of his life and he ultimately lost his battle at the young age of 44. His funeral took place on the triplets first birthday. We went to the funeral in the morning while Granny watched all of the kids for us. It was a cold, rainy and very emotional day. When we got home, we celebrated Tyler, Julie and Noah's birthday but that didn't last too long either since we had to get ready for our first road trip to Houston.

I have no idea why I scheduled my appointment with the German Consulate for the day after their birthday but I did. So off we went on a 5 hour long road trip to Houston only to get my passport renewed. The trip went well and all children were very well behaved. Here's a picture of what it looks like to have three one year olds lined up in the backseat (Lucas is in the 3rd row by the way).

The triplets first birthday outside the hospital. They were born prior to Christmas in 2008 but unfortunately had to spend that Christmas in the NICU/SCN. This year we celebrated at our house and had Granny over for dinner. We actually unwrapped presents three times (once on Christmas eve, once on Christmas Day when Santa dropped some presents off and a third time when Oma, Opa and Onkel Pascal's package from Germany arrived). These pictures were taken one of those days.

And if you wonder, yes our house pretty much looks like a bomb exploded in it all the time. I can straighten up as much as I want to but they will pull the toys back out as soon as my back is turned.

Tyler, Noah and Lucas in their "moose" outfits that Granny gave them for their first birthday. Julie was wearing the same as well but she would not cooperate for the picture.

And here is Lucas on his first scooter he got for Christmas!

All three babies are now walking - Tyler and Julie while holding on to things and Noah without any assistance. And can I tell you that they get into everything?

And last but not least an update on their teeth - Tyler 7 (4 top, 3 bottom), Julie 4 (2 top, 2 bottom) and Noah 6 (4 top, 2 bottom).

I know I am forgetting things but I'll put them in posts to come.


  1. Thanks for the update! So sorry about your friend.

    The babes are gorgeous...walking and teeth! So jealous. Dill has 2 teeth and is only thinking about walking.

    I think a house with 4 children is suppose to look like a bomb exploded. That way you know they are having fun :)

  2. i love the matching outfits. and 5 hours with triplets - congrats on that. i love the pic of them all lined up. The picture where they are all just asleep on the floor makes me jealous. g is one of those kids that won't fall asleep just anywhere.

    sorry about your husbands friend and the funeral on the triplets birthday. how emotional is that!

  3. You are such a GREAT mom!!! I love all your posts and your babies! Too adorable! And that Thanksgiving pic of them all sleeping - that's funny! It should go on Thankgiving greeting cards! LOL!
    You are very blessed for them all to be so happy and healthy!

  4. Thank you for the update! They all look so happy & you sound happy too!

  5. I think a house with 4 children is suppose to look like a bomb exploded. That way you know they are having fun

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