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Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Friday, July 10, 2009

First Tooth and First Fight

We have a tooth! We noticed last night that Tyler has gotten one of his bottom teeth, yay! No wonder he is trying to chew on anything in sight. I tried to take a picture but he and his tongue would not cooperate.

Also, as I was feeding Noah I watched Lucas and Tyler having a little confrontation. Lucas was lining up his cars neatly next to the blanket where Tyler was playing. Tyler figured that since the cars were within his reach he'd grab one and pull it towards him. Well, Lucas was not happy whatsoever. This happened a few times and I thought it was rather funny. A few very pitiful Noooo's by Lucas later Mommy fortunately was done feeding Noah and grabbed Tyler away from the toys. Lucas - you better get prepared for this baby since it will only get worse!

And in case you wondered why Tyler has a bruise under his eye - we don't know how it happened. The boys were on the floor and we can only think that Tyler possibly either bumped into the foot of our coffee table or maybe onto one of Lucas' toys since he does scoot but we never heard any screaming. When we picked him up, voila, we noticed the bruise. My poor little man.

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  1. I was so excited about her first tooth, until she used me as a teether.IT HURTS!! With babies its always a mistery..he makes his bruise look cute :)

    About the cake....maybe one day ill ship them out..until then im still trying to learn how to stack them :)