Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a month...

June is definitely one of our busier months. With Father's Day, Mama and Daddy's birthdays as well as a lot of other family members' birthdays it has just been insane.

We spent Daddy's birthday out at a restaurant with some close friends and family. Father's Day was celebrated at home and Daddy got two special t-shirts so that people who are unable to grasp that we are in fact parents of triplets will get the message by looking at his shirt. My birthday was Sunday and we were invited to our friend's house for some yummy BBQ. Thank you guys for having us over and for the awesome food you guys cooked and to my wonderful mother-in-law for the very very very yummy desserts!!

The babies are doing great and are now eating sweet potatoes and carrots. They seem to prefer the carrots and I don't blame them - I don't care for sweet potatoes and had actually never heard of such thing until I moved to the US. Lucas however loves them.

And last but not least...I received three leg huggers ( as part of a giveaway advertised by Multiples and More Blog Network. I can't wait to try them on Julie and I promise I will post pictures as soon as I do.

Here are a few pictures to finish up the month of June!
The infamous T-Shirts I mentioned
Our FREE leg huggers
Julie loves those two bears which she also loves to pull down

I swear they are trying to tell me to get lost

All worn out after trying to escape the blanket


  1. that last picture of them sleeping is just TOO sweet.

  2. LOL! I definetly see the "get lost mom" look! Too cute! They are growin EVERYDAY! And i really like the "triplets" t-shirts. That's something you don't see everyday!

  3. I love leg huggers only thing is that my daughters legs are so chubby, they cut into her lttle rolls... Also the shirts are too cool!!