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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kayleigh Anne Freeman

Kayleigh Anne Freeman
06/23/2008 - 05/11/2009

When An Angel Goes To Heaven
(Daliah McBride)

When an angel goes to Heaven God stands with open arms
to cradle and to comfort her, to keep her safe from harm.

When an angel goes to Heaven precious memories are left behind.
Of innocence, warmth and that special smile forever in your mind.

When an angel goes to Heaven she tells of wonderful times.
How Mommy, Daddy, Sister, Brother and family were loving and so very kind.

When an angel goes to Heaven she misses your gentle touch.
She asks God to be sure to tell you she loves you very much.

When an angel goes to Heaven she asks even one more request
that God will comfort those she loved and to know she's with the best.
When an angel goes to Heaven a part of you goes, too.
Knowing you will be joined with her again, when your journey here is through.


  1. I've seen the link to her blog from a couple sites and popped in every now and then. Last night I read she passed and cried while reading the last few posts. I think it's great that your son is releasing balloons. How special.

  2. I was SO Sad to hear about Kayleigh!
    I can't imagine what her family must be feeling!

    That's how i found your blog! Through the blogfrog community!

  3. Even though it's been years this is the first time I hear her story. May that little angel rest in peace,and Will always be with god. I can't stop crying, I watched her journey, and she is always going to be known as a beautiful brave baby girl. Prayers to the family.