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Friday, May 8, 2009

Customer Service

What ever happened to good customer service? This blog is really intended to keep friends and family informed on our family but since it does involve a little family member I think I can share this experience with you all.

So I get our cellular bill in the other day and notice that the bill is $25 higher than normal. I take a closer look and voila - somehow there were two purchases on my cell phone. One was for $9.99 and the other one for $14.99 and both were for some sort of downloads. Needless to say I'm really too cheap to buy something that expensive for my cell phone and I had an idea that it might have been this mischievous 3 year old that torments our house (yep, I am talking about you Lucas, mwah!). And in case you wonder, we subscribe to one of the bigger wireless providers which my son oh so lovingly calls tee-tee (I'm now voting to change it to poo-poo). Anyways, here is a summary of my telephone conversation. Oh wait, before I begin I almost forgot - I was able to get a refund on the $9.99 charge online but it denied the one for $14.99).

I told this very polite lady that I had a charge on my bill for a download and had no idea what it was and informed her that I was 100% certain it was my 3 year old toddler who LOVES to play with my cell phone and had accidentally made this purchase. Immediately I was informed that it was impossible since he would have had to go through security questions over security questions in order to make a purchase (I am now indirectly called a liar). I have to admit that I have purchased a ring tone a few months ago and all it takes is for someone to click "confirm", purchase? "confirm" and again "confirm" using the same ole' button. So, you mean to tell me that my 3 year old - who not only knows how to push my buttons - can NOT figure out how to press one button over and over again? Please!

Again, I tell the lady that I don't even know what was downloaded onto my phone since it must have been my 3 year old to which she promptly interrupted me with the question "What were you trying to download"? Okay, either you are a moron since I just told you that I didn't know what was downloaded or you're actually trying to trick me into admitting something I didn't even do (I am still a liar). I tell her politely that I was NOT trying to download ANYTHING since it wasn't ME who was making that purchase but my 3 year old. Of course she completely ignored my statement and told me that she was able to get approval to have the charge removed. The reason? According to her I did not remember making the purchase.

Now you all know that I am a mother of four small children and I might get forgetful every now and then but to forget making two purchases on the same day on my cell phone having to answer "tough security questions"???? Yeah, sure, I would forget that!

Anyways, to make this long story a bit shorter - she offered to sign me up for this buyer protection thing - I'd get a four digit code which I would have to enter before I make a purchase - to which I happily agreed to and it's free of charge. She also told me to keep that number in a safe place and away from my son (smarty pants who still considers me a liar). I tell her that I'd be more than happy to but that I can assure her that my son would probably figure it out anyway by typing in random numbers which he loves to do if he's not shopping for who knows what. I know you moms know what I'm talking about, right? Ms. I-don't-believe-a-word-u-say did not see how that could possibly happen (sigh).

I can only assume that this woman I spoke with today has no children since I received a phone call 30 minutes later (I had completed a short survey at the end of my phone call and left a comment about my customer service rep) from another tee-tee employee who absolutely understood what I was referring to since she had four children of her own. Hallelujah!

If you made it to the end of this post, congratulations since it was way too long!


  1. I hear ya! It seems like customer service doesn't exist with some companies any more. At least the took off the 1 charge...I'd call again to give it 1 more try w/the other one...never hurts to try. :)

  2. Crazy childless reps anyway! :) I know what you mean. I could deff see my boys doing that being that they can fully operate the dvd player and VCR!Well thankfully you got the refund!

  3. i recently had to go through a similar customer service issue with MY cell phone provider, whom i would love to call pooh pooh, regarding a few texts that happend only on one day after only a certain time at night. Now, i am an "early to bed, early to rise" person ever since i had my child and also work.

    Well, this text centered around Montana, if I rember correctly :) I do not know anyone in that state. Well, needless to say, I did get the amount waved and have steadily kept an eye on my bill to make sure it hasn't happened again.

    As my son gets older and learns how to "confirm", I will definately keep an eye things.

  4. Mckenna loves to play with my phone too and she changed a setting on my phone that made it all verbal commands. I could NOT figure out how to change it for the life of me and had to ask someone else to figure it out (and I'm not cell phone illiterate). Those little monkeys can do all sorts of things we wouldn't imagine, so I believe that he downloaded things as well as that he could figure out your new code!!