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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Easter Weekend

Easter Saturday - if there's such a thing - Victor and I had our first afternoon off. Thanks to three lovely and wonderful family members G, L and M, who offered to watch the babies and Lucas for us for an afternoon, we got to spend some alone time.

So, off we went to Babies R Us where we spent way too much money for things we really didn't need and then to Toys R Us where we spent a LOT of money but this time for a good cause - Lucas' upcoming 3rd Birthday. After spending all this money we were quite hungry so we went to Chili's. It was actually nice to have a meal without having to watch a toddler or making sure babies are comfortable. And let me tell you, that El Nino I had was just what I needed - yummy. After we finished eating we still had a little bit of time left so we decided to go to Target and there, too, waaaaaay too much money was spent. Let me assure you that Babies and Toys R Us as well as Target will not have to file for Chapter 11 thanks to the Carney Family!

Anyway, I would like to again thank the three amazing people who took on this incredible task of caring for three babies and a toddler while we got to spend some alone time!!!

azsssxscdcxx ccc (shout out from Lucas while I had to get up to get him some juice. Now I think he did that so he could play on my laptop)!

And since I am in such an appreciative mood, there's one more person I want to thank: Granny! Granny is always there for us and she comes to our house once a week to watch the babies so that I can take Lucas to speech therapy.

Now on to Easter Sunday. We were invited to Granny's for lunch and we actually managed to show up by 3:30 pm. Uhm, well, by the time Lucas finished collecting Easter eggs in the backyard, all of us getting cleaned up and so on, it was 3. We had a wonderful afternoon and got to spend some time with Victor's brother and his sons aka our nephews. But let me tell you, I was beyond exhausted when we got back home after being around 7 children for a few hours.

A couple of pictures from Easter Sunday
Tyler, Julie and Happy Lil' Noah

Lucas discovered those "hard to find" eggs

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  1. i love target and could blow my whole paycheck there on baby stuff. Too bad I have to pay dumb bills. great pictures.