Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Look who's 3!!!

Happy Birthday Lucas! We hope you have a wonderful birthday, baby boy!


Mama, Daddy
Tyler, Julie and Noah

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Au naturel

Isn't there anything more pure and beautiful than a baby au naturel? Or in this case au naturel with a diaper.
It also melts my heart to see the babies look at their daddy (he's the one holding them) with such love.
From top to bottom: Noah, Julie, Tyler

Monday, April 27, 2009

Poll: Look alike?

As many of you know we get a lot of questions and comments when being out with our kiddos, in particular about our triplets. And as much as I would like to share our experiences over and over with everyone, I am trying hard to protect the innocent ignorant.

However, since we get a lot of comments about the triplets looking alike, I thought it would be a good idea to ask a wide range of people from all over the country.

Do our triplets look alike, somewhat alike or do they just have completely different looks, i.e. having to put on a colored bracelet in order to tell them apart?

Personally I think that two of our babies have some similarities but I would never have a hard time determining who is who. But of course that is their mommy speaking.

Friday, April 24, 2009

First visit to Pediatrician

with all four of the kids!

We decided to take all four of our children together to the Pediatrician: the Triplets for their 4 months check up and shots and Lucas for his 3 year check up and immunization. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, Lucas started to whine a bit. He had never done that before but we had just gone to the doctor a few days before and he had gotten a shot so he was not happy to be there (I don't blame him).

Overall, they all did rather well. Of course they all cried a bit when they received their shots and fortunately we don't have to go back for another couple of months with the triplets. Anyways, here are the weights and measurements of all of our babies:

Lucas: 27 pounds - 38 inches

Tyler: 14 pounds - 25 inches

Julie: 11 pounds - 23 1/2 inches

Noah: 12 pounds 1 ounce - 23 1/2 inches

I am also happy to report that Lucas is doing well again and the triplets are growing like they should. Overall a good visit. Will post some new pictures soon!


I really haven't been in the mood to post but that's probably because of lack of sleep and I will get into that in a minute. This will definitely be a melancholic post so bear with me.

Thinking back, even just a few years, I didn't think I ever wanted to have children. If it wasn't for the love I have for my husband and his love for children, I probably would have never had any. I didn't dislike children but I just didn't know "what to do" with a child. If they looked at me at a supermarket, I'd look away. If I saw a child cry, I could have cared less. In all honesty, I cared more for animals than I did for children. I know it sounds harsh but that is how I felt BEFORE I had my own. Now I know what a blessing, a miracle and a gift a child truly is.

Why am I telling you this? It's simple, I care! I follow quite a few blogs and I have to admit that I get attached to the precious babies all those mommies and daddies are writing about. I have been there with them through good times and bad times, through laughter and tears. And if they allow me to continue to follow their blogs, I will be reading their stories for many years to come. This has just been a heartbreaking week for two families: Mia's parents who lost their little girl a year ago today and sweet little Kayleigh who has already endured so much in her short lifetime and is now fighting even harder to stay alive.

This brings me to why I'm so physically and mentally exhausted. I have been up with Lucas who was quite sick the last few days. Nothing major, just a stomach virus. But it breaks my heart when I see one of my babies being so miserable. He was running a fever of 102 and we could not get it down. Every time I was able to get some Tylenol in his little body, he'd vomit it right back out. He was shivering and his body was burning up and there was little I could do to make him feel better. I took him to the doctor and he received a shot of Phenergan for nausea. That shot just absolutely knocked him out but it did take care of his nausea. We were still not able to get his fever down even after giving him two suppositories. At 6 am yesterday morning I was finally able to give him some more liquid Tylenol which FINALLY brought his temperature down. His fever is now gone and he is finally able to keep his liquids and some food down but he is still not back to his normal self. Poor baby still looks like he is drugged out of his mind which is no wonder after not having eaten in days nor been able to keep a whole lot of fluids down but getting all these meds to make him feel better.

I just love my babies so much and I couldn't imagine what life would be like without them. Being a mom to them is truly the greatest gift!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Easter Weekend

Easter Saturday - if there's such a thing - Victor and I had our first afternoon off. Thanks to three lovely and wonderful family members G, L and M, who offered to watch the babies and Lucas for us for an afternoon, we got to spend some alone time.

So, off we went to Babies R Us where we spent way too much money for things we really didn't need and then to Toys R Us where we spent a LOT of money but this time for a good cause - Lucas' upcoming 3rd Birthday. After spending all this money we were quite hungry so we went to Chili's. It was actually nice to have a meal without having to watch a toddler or making sure babies are comfortable. And let me tell you, that El Nino I had was just what I needed - yummy. After we finished eating we still had a little bit of time left so we decided to go to Target and there, too, waaaaaay too much money was spent. Let me assure you that Babies and Toys R Us as well as Target will not have to file for Chapter 11 thanks to the Carney Family!

Anyway, I would like to again thank the three amazing people who took on this incredible task of caring for three babies and a toddler while we got to spend some alone time!!!

azsssxscdcxx ccc (shout out from Lucas while I had to get up to get him some juice. Now I think he did that so he could play on my laptop)!

And since I am in such an appreciative mood, there's one more person I want to thank: Granny! Granny is always there for us and she comes to our house once a week to watch the babies so that I can take Lucas to speech therapy.

Now on to Easter Sunday. We were invited to Granny's for lunch and we actually managed to show up by 3:30 pm. Uhm, well, by the time Lucas finished collecting Easter eggs in the backyard, all of us getting cleaned up and so on, it was 3. We had a wonderful afternoon and got to spend some time with Victor's brother and his sons aka our nephews. But let me tell you, I was beyond exhausted when we got back home after being around 7 children for a few hours.

A couple of pictures from Easter Sunday
Tyler, Julie and Happy Lil' Noah

Lucas discovered those "hard to find" eggs

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It must be comfortable

That is the only explanation I have for these pictures

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Frohe Ostern

Liebe Oma, Lieber Opa, Lieber Onkel Pascal,

Wir wuenschen Euch von ganzem Herzen ein Frohes Ostern und moechten uns bei euch ganz doll fuer die schoenen Oster-Geschenke bedanken! Die Klamotten haben uns so gut gefallen, dass die Mama gleich ein Bild von uns gemacht hat.

Viele Gruesse auch von unseren Eltern uns ganz viele "bisous"!

Lucas, Tyler, Julie und Noah

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First video upload

I finally decided to try and post a video - this one is of silly mommy trying to get the babies to laugh. Well, needless to say, they really weren't in the mood, Julie was asleep and Noah got so annoyed that he spit up a little bit at the end. But I'm sure I'll look back in 20 years and have the biggest smile on my face. So here we go!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Did I mention...

that our babies now sleep through the night? Well, actually they have been for the last three or four weeks but I've been a little worried about saying anything since I didn't want to jinx it.

However, we will have to work on the time a little bit - even though mommy really doesn't mind since she's a night owl. They are sleeping from about midnight until 10 - 11 am straight. I will try to move the last feeding up by maybe 30 minutes every night so that they can at least get to bed by 9 pm. Currently their last feeding is at 11 pm so I wanna shoot for 8 pm being their last feeding of the day. I'm sure they'll adjust better to that time than I ever will.

They are doing really well overall. All of them are laughing and I think that Noah will be rolling over before we know it. He is already on his side most of the time so it's just a matter of time.

The only real difficult thing at this time is the one-on-one time with each baby. They all love to be held and talked to and get any kind of attention possible and it is so hard to provide it having three. But I think we're doing alright considering and when they get old enough to walk and run and climb, they'll be all over me I guarantee it! Hey, enough TLC for everyone, yay!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clifford the Big Red Dog

There's no place like....

an empty diaper box!

Quote of the Day

This is the conversation a mom had with her child behind us at Barnes & Noble:

Child: Mommy, look at the babies! (referring to our triplets)

Mom: Yes, and did you count them? There are three!

Child: Oh wow!

Mom: Yes, aren't you glad I got you a dog?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet Innocence

Hey mama, what's happening? What milk? We just chillin'

I swear I didn't drink the milk this time!

My lips are sealed!

I don't know anything! Now let me finish my pop tart and movie

I don't know whatcha talking about mommy