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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I survived!

Yay, I survived the first week of daddy being back at work and having to do it all alone! The first week just being two days that is. It really does not matter if it's days or weeks anyway since I will be having years and years to come and I am looking forward to seeing those little buggers grow.

The babies actually sleep from about midnight until 9 am, getting their last feeding at around 11 pm and their first bottle at 9 am. I am hoping to be able to put them down earlier and that they will continue to sleep through the night. It surely makes things a whole lot easier on all of us.

Last night Lucas and daddy got to spend some quality "men" time. They went to see Monster Jam here in Baton Rouge and Lucas was so excited when he saw those big trucks. If you know Lucas, you know that he LOVES trucks and cars and really anything that has tires. They both had a great time and Lucas was knocked out by the time they got home. Mommy in the meantime got to clean the house a little bit. It is definitely a whole lot easier when you don't have a toddler running around your feet while trying to clean. But don't worry Lucas, mommy would rather spend time with you than do those awful chores! :-)

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