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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winter in Louisiana

This has really been an odd winter here in Louisiana. We are used to having temperatures change from the 20's/30's to 60's/70's at night time and 50's to 70's during the day which has us constantly switch from heater to A/C and vice versa. BUT to have snow in December - and not just a little snow, a few inches - is insane!

Anyways, I am talking about the weather since Lucas, Victor and I have a bad case of the cold. As of today, the babies are still healthy and I am sooo thankful they received their RSV shots because I would be even more worried about them getting sick. Lucas was the first one to get it on Friday. Poor baby was having a runny nose and running a fever but he is much better now. I was hit the hardest and I still haven't gotten my voice back all the way. Either I sound like I whisper or I sound like a female version of James Earl Jones, scary! We are all just hoping that whatever bug we caught will go away quickly.

As I was saying, the babies are doing well and we have an appointment for next Tuesday to bring them in for their 2 months check up. Only poor little Julie has some bumps on her little head that seem to be spreading onto her body. We think that it might be infant acne but will have the pedi check it out next week. It doesn't seem to bother her though. Oh wait, I also forgot to mention that Noah and Julie both have an umbilical hernia but it has already decreased in size thank goodness.

Just for fun I am posting a picture of our "snow day" here in Louisiana - it's Lucas and Jo-Jo, our German Shepherd.

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