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Friday, February 20, 2009

Good News, Bad News

We finally received the call yesterday afternoon that the babies' bloodwork turned out just fine. What a relief! However, we still don't know what caused those bruises. We will keep a close eye on it. So far, none of them have gotten any more bruises.

I had to go in this week to see my ob/gyn to have my blood pressure checked again since it was still elevated at my 6 week visit. Well, it is now through the roof so my doctor put me on some blood pressure medicine and I have to go back in a month to have it checked again. Can I tell you that I feel quite old now? I've been on thyroid medication for years now but now I'm also on blood pressure medication - before I know it, I will have to count my 50 million pills a day and put them into one of those pill organizers. Hmmm, I am getting closer to 40...that must be it!

The babies are now more awake and are starting to make the funniest sounds and faces. It's so much fun watching them. They are also smiling a lot, although that might still be gas pain but I beg to differ.

Lucas is still being an awesome big brother. His granny gave him a boy baby doll for Christmas so the doll gets to enjoy a bottle, being burped and even gets his nose cleaned! It melts my heart and it was so adorable when I found the baby doll bottle in the bottle warmer yesterday. It's amazing how he learns all these things just by watching us.

Noah and Julie enjoying some play time (don't know why the picture is turned)

Tyler and his sucky

Julie and Lucas enjoying some brother-sister time

Noah after a nice warm bath

and Julie before her 2 months check up

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