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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2 months pedi visit

So, the babies are officially two months old - I just can't believe it. Where has the time gone? It is just flying by too fast which makes me a little anxious since Victor will have to go back to work in about a month. I'm sure things will be just fine but it's nice to have the extra hands.

We took the babies for their 2 months check up today (actually yesterday since it's 2 am the next day) and boy, have they grown!! Here are their weights and heights:

Tyler - 11 lbs (5lbs4oz @ birth) and measuring 22 1/2 inches (19 3/4 @ birth)
Julie - 8 lbs 11oz (3lbs13oz @birth) and measuring 21 inches (17 1/2 @ birth)
Noah - 9 lbs 4oz (4lbs5oz @ birth) and measuring 21 1/2 inches (17 @ birth)

According to their growth chart, Tyler is average and the two "little" ones are on the lower part of the chart but they are on it! The pedi was very very impressed and happy.

However, there's one thing that concerned all of us a little bit. All three of the babies have had some small bruises on their little arms. We thought they got their arms pinched by one of our watches when we are holding them. That is a concern and so we took all three to the hospital for some blood work (complete blood count). We will get the results tomorrow (well today actually) so I'm hoping and praying that everything is fine.......

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