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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AFM posts from BBC


I am almost 29 wks and really haven't had many issues except for Gestational Diabetes. That however is no news to me since I had that during my son's pregnancy. My dr had put me on a diet and exercise program which worked fantastic and since I lost weight from all that healthy lifestyle I actually looked better the day after giving birth than I did before I got pregnant. Now, with this pregnancy, my peri and ob did not even bother with diet and exercise and just put me on meds. They want my bs to be below 100 in the am (fasting) and below 120 after meals and the meds are doing their job even though they have to be adjusted from time to time.
Other than that I have aches and pains which are bothersome and at times painful but nothing to worry about. I still chase my 2 1/2 yr old around the house and carry him at times. My ob actually refered to me as having the most boring triplet pregnancy he has ever experienced which I consider a compliment LOL.
Now to my babies: at my last maternal/fetal medicine visit Baby A (boy) weighed 2.15 lbs, Baby B (girl) and Baby C (boy) weighed 2.5 lbs each. I have plenty of fluid in my sacs and my cervix is nice and long. They are very active and kicking up a storm inside my belly. So, all is well thank God.
I can't wait to read more of your stories and I will definitely keep you posted on my pregnancy!
Savvy - 28wks4days BGB


I saw Maternal/Fetal Medicine last week and here are the weights of my babies : Baby Boy A - 4lbs 9oz, Baby Girl B - 3lbs 4oz and Baby Boy C - 3 lbs 3oz. They said that everything looks great and we even got to watch all 3 of the babies breathe on the u/s. It was amazing! Today I saw my ob and he too said everything looks wonderful - I haven't even started dialating and that he expects me to go at least another 2 or 3 weeks. I am definitely more than ready to greet the three munchkins
Savvy - 31wks2days (BGB)


I am 32w4d and had an u/s Tuesday. Here are the babies' weights: Baby A (B) 5lbs 5oz, Baby B (G) 3lbs 12oz, Baby C (B) 3lbs 14 oz. They are doing fine and everyone is very happy! Unfortunately though my bp was up and my Peri and OB decided to put me on bedrest (1st time in my pregnancy). They also ordered blood work for HELLP which came back abnormal and had them concerned. I had to go back the following day to retest and luckily it didn't increase too much so they decided not to hospitalize me. I had to go back again today for a bp check and blood work. My bp was back to normal and my blood work is stable so I just need to continue being on bedrest. I go back to see my ob on Mon and I think we will discuss a delivery date. He will be going on vacation the week of xmas and I think he wants to deliver before he leaves and my peri does not want me going beyond 35 wks which would be 12/30. So, we shall wait and see and I will definitely keep you guys posted.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Savvy - mommy of 2 1/2 yr old Lucas and preggo with triplets 32w4d

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