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Friday, January 30, 2009

RSV shots

After finally receiving the "ok" from our insurance company, a nurse from Woman's Hospital's Home Health Care came out today to administer the RSV shot to all three of our babies. In case you don't know what RSV is or stands for, I will add a description below this post.

Of course we had to complete all kinds of paperwork first and I felt like I signed my life away as usual. Unbelievable how many signatures are required especially when you have triplets since EVERYTHING has to be done separately for each baby. After completing the papers, the nurse then checked the babies' vital signs and weights. And here are their new weights at 6 weeks:

Tyler: 8 pounds 13 ounces (5lbs4oz at birth)
Julie: 6 pounds 11 ounces (3lbs12oz at birth)
Noah: 7 pounds 11 ounces (4lbs5oz at birth)

I am pretty sure the pediatrician will take them all off the 22 calorie formula at their next visit since they are gaining weight extremely well. I won't complain since it is very difficult to find!

After all three babies were checked and weighed, the nurse then administered the shot. They all cried for about 10 seconds which broke my heart (I can't stand seeing any of my babies in pain!) but fortunately they all got their pacifier dunked into some sugar water which made their shots a little "sweeter." Of course there's not such thing as making any shot sweeter but it put my mind at ease. After about 5 or so minutes, the nurse checked the babies' temperatures and heart rates and left us with some sleepy but hungry babies. I am happy to report that they are all doing well and you couldn't even tell they got such a "big" shot today!


Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a major cause of respiratory illness in young children. RSV causes infection of the lungs and breathing passages. In adults, it may only produce symptoms of a common cold, such as a stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, mild headache, cough, fever, and a general feeling of being ill. But RSV infections can lead to other more serious illnesses in premature babies and kids with diseases that affect the lungs, heart, or immune system.
RSV is highly contagious, and can be spread through droplets containing the virus when a person coughs or sneezes. The virus can also live on surfaces such as countertops or doorknobs, and on hands and clothing. RSV can be easily spread when a person touches an object or surface contaminated with the virus. The infection can spread rapidly through schools and child-care centers. Infants often get it when older kids carry the virus home from school and pass it to them. Almost all kids are infected with RSV at least once by the time they are 2 years old.
RSV infections often occur in epidemics that last from late fall through early spring. Respiratory illness caused by RSV — such as bronchiolitis or pneumonia — usually lasts about a week, but some cases may last several weeks. Doctors typically diagnose RSV by taking a medical history and doing a physical exam. Generally, in healthy kids, it's not necessary to distinguish RSV from a common cold. But in cases where a child has other health conditions, a doctor might want to make a specific diagnosis. RSV is typically identified in nasal secretions, which can be collected either with a cotton swab or by suction through a bulb syringe.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Almost 6 weeks already!

Gosh, time is flying by. I can't believe that the babies are almost 6 weeks old. They grow up way too fast. Tyler, Julie and Noah are doing really well and growing like weeds. Their feedings are still every three hours except at night when we try to add another hour which works most of the time. Out of all three, little Noah is our fussy one and does not want to wait an extra hour to get his bottle.

Here are a few pictures of the little ones. Lucas absolutely adores them and he helps us out any way he can, like burping them or holding the bottle! Such a big boy!

Top picture is Lucas holding Julie. Second one is the triplets (duh!) Tyler, Julie, Noah. Underneath is Lucas holding Tyler and last but not least Lucas holding Noah.

Our routine right now kind of looks like this: Victor gets the feeding bottles ready, changes Noah's diaper and feeds Noah. I then usually change Tyler's diaper and feed him unless Julie wakes up before he does which is very seldom. Finally, whoever finishes feeding their baby first gets to feed the last baby which is usually Julie. She is our slow yet "clean" eater, the boys are quite messy. The feeding and changing can take anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes but we're lucky and usually finish within an hour.

Our triplets

In late 2007 we decided to try for another baby. Unfortunately we again couldn't get pregnant on our own so in March of 2008 we decided to seek help from our fertility specialist, Dr. Lu, again. Since we all knew that IUI worked for us with Lucas, we decided to take that route again. Our first try was unsuccessful. In May we went in for the second try with IUI and this time were successful.

I went in for my first ultrasound at the beginning of June and it was discovered that we were having twins. Wow, twins, exciting and a bit scary. I mean we always said we wanted to have two or three children so twins wasn't too bad. During our second ultrasound, the tech saw a spot on the screen in addition to the two sacs. But since it wasn't formed well, she thought it was just some bleeding. Well, during our third ultrasound there was no doubt, three sacs, three heartbeats - we were pregnant with triplets! I remember just wanting to cry. How am I supposed to care for three babies PLUS a 2 year old? I was actually devastated and didn't want to tell anyone about the news. Eventually I got over my selfishness and started to get excited. Maybe we'll be lucky and have a girl. But no matter what, I knew it was going to be a high risk pregnancy and I just wanted the best outcome for our babies.

I was suffering from morning sickness throughout my first trimester. It was miserable. On top of that I would have light bleeding every so often which scared me. Luckily, everything was fine with the babies and I was told that it tends to happen during triplets pregnancies. My second trimester was the most comfortable one. I would see my ob/gyn every other week and was also referred to Maternal/Fetal medicine which I saw every three weeks. It was fun to go to those visits since they always did an ultrasound so I got to see the babies quite often. We eventually found out that we were expecting two boys and a girl....whooooo hoooo!!

My doctor often told me that I was his most boring triplet pregnancy ever since I really didn't have any problems and didn't complain much. The only problem I had was the gestational diabetes again, ugh! This time they decided to put me on meds right away. Exercise was out of the question being pregnant with triplets. They had to adjust the meds a few times but it all worked out at the end. At 20 weeks I really started to show and by 24 weeks I looked like I was full term. That's when the babies really kicked into gear and started growing rapidly. Things were getting more uncomfortable, too. It was hard to turn in bed, getting out of bed or out of a chair. Walking was exhausting after a few minutes and breathing was also getting more and more difficult. Towards the end I thought Baby C was actually inside my lungs.

During my prenatal visit on December 9th I had an elevated blood pressure. I was sent to the lab to have some blood drawn for HELLP. They did find out that those blood results were abnormal and so I had to go in a few more times to have it checked to make sure there weren't any changes or else they would have had to get the babies right away. They did put me on strict bed rest at that point. At my next visit on the 15th of December, I still had an elevated blood pressure plus they found some protein in my urine. I had also had some problems with my blood sugar being in the 40's at night time for a few days so my doctor decided to have me admitted into the hospital. I had to do a 24 hour urine test, vital sign check every few hours, ultrasound, blood work etc. Anyways, my blood pressure remained high so they decided to schedule my c-section for the 17th of December at 7 am. I was 33 weeks and 1 day in gestation.

Tyler Neal was born at 7:25 am weighing 5 pounds 4 ounces, measuring 19 3/4 inches.
Julie Marie was born at 7:6 am weighing 3 pounds 12 ounces, measuring 17 1/2 inches.
Noah Aiden was born at 7:27 am weighing 4 pounds 5 ounces, measuring 17 inches.

They were all doing fine and did not require any respiratory assistance! All had to stay in the NICU until the 25th of December and were then downgraded to the Special Care Nursery. The reason for them being in the NICU/SCN was to feed and grow and to make sure they could hold their temperatures on their own. Julie was the first one to come home on December 29th, followed by Noah on the 31st of December and last but not least Tyler on January 5th.

Those pictures were taken the day before my c-section - 33 weeks pregnant.

Top picture is Tyler, second Julie, third Noah and last all three together on their way to the NICU.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AFM posts from BBC


I am almost 29 wks and really haven't had many issues except for Gestational Diabetes. That however is no news to me since I had that during my son's pregnancy. My dr had put me on a diet and exercise program which worked fantastic and since I lost weight from all that healthy lifestyle I actually looked better the day after giving birth than I did before I got pregnant. Now, with this pregnancy, my peri and ob did not even bother with diet and exercise and just put me on meds. They want my bs to be below 100 in the am (fasting) and below 120 after meals and the meds are doing their job even though they have to be adjusted from time to time.
Other than that I have aches and pains which are bothersome and at times painful but nothing to worry about. I still chase my 2 1/2 yr old around the house and carry him at times. My ob actually refered to me as having the most boring triplet pregnancy he has ever experienced which I consider a compliment LOL.
Now to my babies: at my last maternal/fetal medicine visit Baby A (boy) weighed 2.15 lbs, Baby B (girl) and Baby C (boy) weighed 2.5 lbs each. I have plenty of fluid in my sacs and my cervix is nice and long. They are very active and kicking up a storm inside my belly. So, all is well thank God.
I can't wait to read more of your stories and I will definitely keep you posted on my pregnancy!
Savvy - 28wks4days BGB


I saw Maternal/Fetal Medicine last week and here are the weights of my babies : Baby Boy A - 4lbs 9oz, Baby Girl B - 3lbs 4oz and Baby Boy C - 3 lbs 3oz. They said that everything looks great and we even got to watch all 3 of the babies breathe on the u/s. It was amazing! Today I saw my ob and he too said everything looks wonderful - I haven't even started dialating and that he expects me to go at least another 2 or 3 weeks. I am definitely more than ready to greet the three munchkins
Savvy - 31wks2days (BGB)


I am 32w4d and had an u/s Tuesday. Here are the babies' weights: Baby A (B) 5lbs 5oz, Baby B (G) 3lbs 12oz, Baby C (B) 3lbs 14 oz. They are doing fine and everyone is very happy! Unfortunately though my bp was up and my Peri and OB decided to put me on bedrest (1st time in my pregnancy). They also ordered blood work for HELLP which came back abnormal and had them concerned. I had to go back the following day to retest and luckily it didn't increase too much so they decided not to hospitalize me. I had to go back again today for a bp check and blood work. My bp was back to normal and my blood work is stable so I just need to continue being on bedrest. I go back to see my ob on Mon and I think we will discuss a delivery date. He will be going on vacation the week of xmas and I think he wants to deliver before he leaves and my peri does not want me going beyond 35 wks which would be 12/30. So, we shall wait and see and I will definitely keep you guys posted.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Savvy - mommy of 2 1/2 yr old Lucas and preggo with triplets 32w4d

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our firstborn Lucas

So, back in 2005 we were actively trying to get pregnant with the assistance of our fertility specialist Dr. Lu. We went through two cycles of Chlomid unsuccessfully. Our third attempt doing an IUI resulted in my first pregnancy. We were so excited and thankful that it didn't take us too long to get pregnant. Here are a few pictures of Lucas' u/s.

And also a picture of me being 7 months pregnant. I will post a picture of me being pregnant with triplets later on.

I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy up until I was 29 weeks when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I then had to go see a dietician and go on a strict diet which also included some sort of exercise. So, Victor and I went out for a walk every night for about 20 to 30 minutes. I never felt better and I ended up losing 7 pounds by the time Lucas was born. Lucas was born on April 30th, 2006, at 4:25 pm, weighing 6lbs 3.4 oz, measuring 20 1/2 inches. He was born via c-section since labor was not progressing and his heart rate was dropping during each contraction. Here are a few pictures taken after Lucas' birth.

Lucas being cleaned up in the OR

Mommy feeding Lucas for first time with a special bottle. Lucas was born with a cleft palate.

A close up of Lucas eating

Lucas at 3 months old

Friday, January 16, 2009

Where to start.....

I really have no idea where to begin! I was first introduced to blogging while pregnant with our triplets back in October of '08 and discovered how wonderful it was to follow along some amazing multiples pregnancies on the web. I think that this is a very nice way for our family and friends to keep updated on our amazing journey of parenthood.

Okay, now that I have explained myself for no reason, here's a brief history of "just the two of us:"

I was born and raised in Germany and my husband was born and raised right here in Louisiana. We met in 1991 in Germany where he was stationed through the US Army and in September of 1993 we tied the knot.

In October of 1994 I made the big move to the USA to follow the love of my life. It was one of the saddest days in my life however - having to leave my family behind. It's been over 14 years but I must admit that my heart still aches for "home". Especially now that we have four children, it would be so nice to have my parents and brother here so that they would get to know all of our babies better. But we make the best of it and BT (before triplets) we would go to Germany for Christmas and my family would travel to LA every other year. I don't know yet what our travel plans will look like since it will no longer be that easy nor cheap to travel overseas. We will figure it all out though - we always have!

In August of 1995 my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer. From one day to the next, our world fell apart. You just don't think that this would happen to you until it does, especially when you're in your mid 20's (he was 25, I was 23). The doctors told us that they had to remove one of his testicles and since the cancer had spread into his lymphnodes that he would have to undergo chemotherapy. They also advised us to consider semen banking since no one knew whether he would still be able to reproduce due to the chemotherapy - so we did. After the surgery and four months of heavy doses of chemotherapy, the cancer was "gone." We are happy to report that he has been in remission since December of 1995 and we pray that it will remain that way.

Now, let's scroll forward a few years to when we actually decided to have a child. It was sometime in 2003 or 2004 when we considered trying. Well, unfortunately we were not as lucky as the many teenagers who have unprotected sex just that one time and end up preggo. No, we had to seek help from a fertility specialist. We went to see Dr. Peter Lu in March of 2005 for the very first time. After meeting with him, we just knew that he was going to be the best choice for us. Oh, and was he ever! Not only did he succeed in getting us pregnant with our son Lucas in 2005 but also with our triplets in 2008.